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77067 Gunson Paint Thickness Tester Lacktester 77067 Gunson Paint Thickness Tester Lacktester 11,80 €
77008 Gunson Advanced Xenon Timing Light Blitzlichtlampe 77008 Gunson Advanced Xenon Timing Light Blitzlichtlampe 77,90 €
G4062 Eezibleed Bremsentlüftungsgerät G4062 Eezibleed Bremsentlüftungsgerät 30,50 €
77066 Trakrite Wheel Camber Gauge – magnetisches Sturz-Einstellg 77066 Trakrite Wheel Camber Gauge – magnetisches Sturz-Einstellg 41,90 €
G4125 Gunson CO-Abgastester G4125 Gunson  CO-Abgastester 145,50 €
4461 Laser Camshaft Sprocket Pulley Puller- VW Audi Abzieher Noc 4461 Laser Camshaft Sprocket Pulley Puller- VW Audi Abzieher Noc 58,90 €

Module Hilites. Vary and Diversify your Module Content.

A series of module hilites to give life to your content
  • Variations allow you to vary the individual modules which may otherwise exhibit the same styling.
  • This is typically achieved by addind a term into the code of the module which can then be styled via the CSS.
  • To add a suffix, just go to Extensions > Module Manager in the administrator and insert the suffix in the relevant input box.

Typography. Stylish, Innovative, Effective and Magnificent.

A vast selection of professionally styled typography for your articles
  • A mass of typographical elements that span a variety of different types and are applicable to a diverse number of purposes.
  • The typography comes in core HTML formats in conjunction with RokCandy syntax, for ease of use.
  • Use of these elements bring life to your content, reducing the dismal expanse of white space and black text.

30 Module Positions. So Much Choice, So Much Possibility.

A large assortment of module positions to maximise possibilities
  • 30 positions allow you to publish your modules in a variety of different locations and in differing layouts..
  • The Logo, Toolbar, Newsflash and Footer positions are conditional and only appear after activation via template parameters.
  • Collapsibility is an important feature of a template position and all positions of consequence have this feature.

Multiple Dropdown Column Menu Plus So Much More.

For Moomenu and Suckerfish, multiple dropdowns are available
  • The typical dropdown menu will have a single drop column, Mynxx has the ability for many more, demoed as two.
  • Configurable menu which dictate the number of columns, rows and more params, providing you with maximum control.
  • RokMoomenu, Suckerfish and Splitmenu accompany the template as well as an option for none or a module position.

RokNavMenu, the Powerhouse Behind the Menus.

The core of the Mynxx menu system. The essential ingredient.
  • RokNavMenu allows us to go beyond the restraints of the mainmenu and the related overrides can do.
  • Adding an independent entire provides a monumental increase in the control we can harness over the menu.
  • The module is what allows us to produce the advanced multiple dropdown menu system.

Internet Explorer 6.
You've been warned.

Warn your visitors of IE6 with the dropdown warning message
  • Internet Explorer 6 is now two versions old yet is still used excessively across the world.
  • The browser itself has poor rendering mechanisms plus many other deficit features and functions.
  • Do the right thing and inform your IE6 visitors of their poor choice in browser and provide them with the solution.

RokCandy, the solution to troublesome WYSIWYGs.

A BBcode type method to implement complex HTML
  • RokCandy provides you with a mechanism to condense complex content code into simple syntax for you or your clients.
  • All configurable from the Joomla Component Administrator as well as from the template via template overrides.
  • Completely WYSIWYG friendly so no need to despair with Joomla's intrusive content parser.

RokAjaxSearch, Mootools and Search's perfect match.

A mootools enhanced search module with intuitive features
  • The core of the module is the popup box which appears when searching in the module itself.
  • Key identifiers have been added so you can scroller through the various results with your keyboard arrows.
  • A standalone extension in its own right as it can be installed into any template and integrate seamlessly.

RokTabs, showcase your content in a tabular format.

Present your articles whilst maximising real estate
  • Highly configurable, set the tabs to be located on top or bottom, plus make them manual or auotmatic.
  • Not restricted to the width limit of its container due to its inbuilt overflow scroller for its tabs.
  • A standalone extension in its own right as it can be installed into any template and integrate seamlessly.

Virtuemart Integration.
First Time ever

Mynxx incorporates the popular shopping extension Virtuemart
  • One of the ways Mynxx integrates Virtuemart is through a dedicated theme for the component: vm_mynxx.
  • Secondly, there are a series of modified virtuemart modules to diversify your content such as the mootools powered RokVirtuemart Scroller.
  • Many more features have been added, which subtly enhance the entire feel of your shopping site.

Perfect Columns. Source ordered & SEO optimised.

A new layout / structure, designed to maximise SEO results
  • A continuation of our SEO optimising agenda with our templates. Now even greater with Perfect Columns.
  • The new structure allows for a source ordered layout, meaning that your main content appears first in your code.
  • Therefore, the search engines crawlers will view your articles first which provides for better rankings and results.

Mootools extravaganza. A plethora of scripts.

An unprecedented amount of script enhancements for your site
  • Even more features in conjunction with the typical elements of our recent templates such as moomenu.
  • Many mootools dropdown panels for your Login Form, your Virtuemart Cart and the template Font Styles.
  • RokBox powered module positions, check out More Information in the bottom section of Mynxx.

Spezialwerkzeug für Alfa Romeo

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The following is a guide that covers how to set up your new Mynxx template on your Joomla site. Here you can find an overview of the files included in the Mynxx release and instructions on installing and activating the template in your Joomla install.

Video Tutorial Currently Available! Launch the Joomla Template Installation Video Tutorial now!

Downloading the Mynxx Files

The first step is to download all the necessary files needed for installation, setup and customisation. Below is a summary of each of the available packages from the Mynxx release.

  • Mynxx Template (rt_mynxx_j15.tgz) This file is the template package you will use to install your template into Joomla.
  • Mynxx Custom Extensions ( This package contains each of the individual custom extensions included in the Mynxx template release.
  • Mynxx Virtuemart Theme ( This package contains the virtuemart theme, specifically for Mynxx.
  • Mynxx Source PNG(s) ( This zip contains the source PNG(s) for making modifications and customisations to the images in the template (and if applicable, the font used for the logo). You will need an image editing software (preferably Adobe/Macromedia Fireworks) to utilise the Source PNG files.
  • Mynxx RocketLauncher ( This is the RocketLauncher pack for Mynxx which is a complete and separate Joomla install which has the template pre-installed and configured. Similarly, the demo content is injected and the extensions are also pre-installed.

Step 1 - Using the Joomla installer

Navigate to the Joomla administrator ( for your site. Along the top menu bar, go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall. Next, select the browser button and locate the rt_mynxx_j15.tgz package on your computer that you downloaded. Then, click Upload File & Install. After installation, an introduction page will appear with the template's name, description and thumbnail, select Continue when this page appears. You should now see rt_mynxx_j15 in the list of installed templates.

Step 2 - Making Mynxx Default

In the Joomla Administrator, navigate to Extensions > Template Manager. You will be directed to a page which lists all the installed templates. Locate rt_mynxx_j15 in the list. Select the radio button / circular icon to the left of the name. Then select the Default in button menu in the top right area of the Administrator. The Mynxx template will now be the default template on your Joomla site.


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4461 Laser Camshaft Sprocket Pulley Puller- VW Audi Abzieher Noc 4461 Laser Camshaft Sprocket Pulley Puller- VW Audi Abzieher Noc 58,90 €

77008 Gunson Advanced Xenon Timing Light Blitzlichtlampe 77008 Gunson Advanced Xenon Timing Light Blitzlichtlampe 77,90 €

G4125 Gunson CO-Abgastester G4125 Gunson  CO-Abgastester 145,50 €